Jenny Saville, Propped, 1992

Grace Hartigan, Palm Trees, 1962-66

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Frank Bowling37528, 2008

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Sam Moyer

Missregistrator, 2012
India ink on canvas

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Tamar Halpern Day Lights Saving Time, 2013 

Fang Kai - Slumped, 2012 - oil on linen

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Evan NesbitUntitled (bleached), 2013

(Literally the weirdest 2 hours just happened, spent in a&e with an inflamed tendant in ma ankle, fainted with pain. very very odd.)

I want the sun to stay for long.
Helen Dixon, a personal favourite from the Cheslea Degree show this year who gave out hand made cyanotype business cards and thus knows the way into my heart.

Collage by Jochem Grin

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Gonna keep the monochromes coming for a while if thats kool.

If i could be in a place it would be here. All I want is landscapes that go on forever and the crashing waves that foam when they run back into the sea.

Twomble twomble…
Scenes from an Ideal Marriage (1986)

This was my absolute favourite piece from this year’s Slade degree show. Oil painting by Hannah Shin.

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